My Philosophy

Why Music Lessons? 

The study of music instills in a person a strong sense of reward for their hard work and determination. Learning an instrument improves that person's sense of self worth and confidence and opens up an avenue for easy and fun self expression.

The benefits to learning music are endless. The study of music promotes social skills, teaches discipline, improves concentration, coordination and organization, fosters stress relief and creativity and makes you happier.

Undergoing the journey to strong musicianship and expression teaches students that any ambition they have throughout their lives is absolutely achievable and can yield endless rewards.

My Background

At the beginning of my now six year teaching career, I quickly discovered my passion for igniting a love for music in others.

With my bachelors degree in contemporary music from the prestigious Humber College, my diploma in Jazz Studies from Capilano University in Vancouver, and my experience performing all styles of music around Toronto, I am able to apply my education and experience to all levels of students on a variety instruments.

Through teaching piano, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele and theory to children as young as three and adults as old as eighty, I have learned a substantial amount, most importantly about being able to connect with my students and help them discover their passion.

Moving forward, I am constantly developing new, fresh ways to engage my students and get them excited about their instruments, and about music.


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For as long as I remember, my life has been fuelled by a passion and love for music, and it's a passion I want to share with you. To me, there is nothing better than spreading to another person the self-rewarding, life-enhancing feeling of playing an instrument.

It is my belief that music is very personal, and that is why I tailor my lesson plans to suit each individual student's wants and needs. This allows the student to discover their own passion within themselves and allows me to build long lasting trust with them.

I strive to facilitate an enjoyable and exciting path to experiencing the thrill of playing music at any level. I provide my students with the knowledge and skills to inspire a deeper understanding and life-long love of music.

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